Our Pallets

Timber offers standardized and customized solutions to fulfill every customer’s pallet and crate needs. We’ll conduct a use-and-needs analysis for you, if requested, and fulfill your demands through either an inventory planning program or just-in-time delivery.

We know, as you do, that the availability of pallets or crates that meets your specific needs can make or break a business. We’ll always help you to make it, no matter how uncommon the specs, not matter how demanding the deadlines.

Timber will provide your pallet solutions, regardless of whether you need custom, reconditioned, mill spec, or plastic pallets.

The two basic wood pallet designs are stringer pallets and block pallets.

There are limitless configurations including:

  • Single-Wing Pallet
  • Double-Face Pallet
  • 2-Way Pallet
  • 4-Way Pallet
  • Skids
  • Stevedore Wing Pallet
  • Solid Deck Pallet 

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Are you experiencing any of the following issues with your current pallet supplier?

Quality Issues?

Here at Timber, quality is 1 of our 6 pillars of excellence. The questions below will help you determine if your current product is up to our quality standards.

  • Are you currently having pallet quality issues with your vendor?
  • Is that affecting your revenue or are you experiencing product loss/damage?
  • Are your pallets matching your specifications? Or are they measuring less than agreed upon specifications?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us!

Communication Issues?

Business is all about communication between supplier $ customer. Our team takes care of all the questions below for you, without having to think or ask about them.

  • Does your current provider communicate throughly to you in all aspects of the pallet purchasing process?
  • Are they thinking about your pallet quantity/ volume stock for you? Or thinking ahead of your production to ensure inventory is never out of stock?
  • Do they know the frequency of your orders and make proactive calls to your team?
  • Do they reach out via email to alert you that your load is going to be delivered on schedule?
  • Are you babysitting your current pallet supplier?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact us!

Accounting Integration/Ease of Use

Our invoicing process is provided by competent, well trained personnel.

  • Are you spending too much time correcting billing errors?
  • Are you receiving a monthly (or as agreed) review of the accounts to ensure accuracy and reliability of account?
  • Have you been offered flexible, mutually agreed upon terms of payment from your current supplier?
  • Are you able to use various forms of payment to your current supplier, such as ACH, credit card or check?
  • Has your current accounting process made you a happier and more successful client?
Delivery Issues?
  • Are you having issues with deliveries not arriving on schedule?
  • How is that affecting your production schedule?
  • Has there been lost revenue due to lack of needed pallet inventory in your warehouse?

On-time delivery is important for all parties. We strive every day through open communication and future forecasting to always try and ensure your deliveries arrive when scheduled.

Lumber Shortage/Acts of God
  • How is your current vendor protecting you? Are they a sole source?
  • Do they have the capacity to get your load fulfilled at a different facility?
  • Have you experienced “pallet drought”and have not been able to order the products you need?

Commodity volumes fluctuate and unexpected evens happen. We are prepared to revolve those issues when they arise. Our team and mills across the U.S. help to ease the pains that can occur in the industry.

  • Does your current supplier review your pallet spend over the last year, date, volume, etc to fully understand your business?
  • Does your current supplier implement a system tailored to you so your pallet purchasing is effortless?
  • Does your current supplier work with you to find the best practices for your company, employees and your current system?