Our Industrial Roll Services Program

When your equipment gets damaged, do you repair it with the best available parts and services? Do you purchase OEM replacements?

We’ve spent the last several weeks debating the multiple aspects influencing our sector due to Covid-19 (labor and material shortages, truck availability, high prices) and how we navigate this new environment in our company.

The newest factors impacting our industry are shipping and logistics bottlenecks, making manufacturers’ acquisition of original equipment for replacements very challenging. In today’s Timber Talks, we will talk about our Industrial Roll Services Program and how we are guiding our customers through the process of repairing their rollers vs. purchasing OEM replacements.

What is the issue?

The pandemic has generated many restrictions in shipping, causing delays and consequently higher prices in production and manufacturing. It has sidelined truck drivers, disrupting the unloading and distribution of industrial equipment produced at factories overseas and arriving by ship to the United States. Because of this, manufacturers were challenged to acquire OEM replacement rollers for their equipment.

While many industries are accustomed to regular roll recoveries, such as steel and aluminum processing and rolling plants, due to the current landscape, we have been helping and guiding more companies through the process of repairing their rollers instead of purchasing OEM replacements.

Industrial Roll Services

We at Timber Industries have our own Industrial Roll Service; we can reduce production downtime in the long run and supply our customers with a better performing and more cost-efficient alternative to purchasing OEM replacement rollers. In addition, the parts we provide are designed to fit and work to factory specifications, increasing the lifespan of your equipment.

Our program offers a complete, start to finish Industrial Roll Service with onsite consultations, roll recovering, regrinding, core parts repairs or new core parts acquisition if needed, pickup, and delivery. It provides manufacturers with a more convenient solution. By using our expertise in elastomeric compounds, we provide a custom formulation or one of our proprietary compounds that will outperform your original rollers. If you are interested in getting a quote, go straight to Timber Rolls to check our wide variety of Industrial Rolls.

Saving money and production downtime in today’s environment can significantly impact any supply chain process and be the key to a business’s success. Every manufacturer can benefit from it. Remember, if one link breaks down, it will affect the rest of the chain, and the business can experience costly consequences.

Like the rest of the world, our industry has changed, and at Timber Industries, we have evolved. It is time to start thinking outside the box and looking for alternatives to provide our customers with cost-effective, more efficient ways to achieve their goals. This is one more opportunity to strengthen the relationship with our clients, and we are making it happen.

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