Are Recycled Pallets Failing You? Time for NEW!

Are Recycled Pallets Failing You? Time for NEW!

Are you finding yourself making phone call after phone call in the hunt for recycled pallets to meet your needs? Is your recycled supplier not delivering on time or at all? Are your recycled pallets failing and creating product damage or even loss?

If you answered YES to any of these scenarios, it is time for you to switch to NEW. Wood pallets that are made out of new wood material have many benefits.

  • The customer is able to decide on the wood species they prefer based on their needs. For example: mixed green hardwoods or kiln dried
  • New pallets are able to be built to any dimension you
  • You are able to work directly with Timber Industries to design a pallet that works best for your specific
  • New pallets do not run out of inventory because our mills are always in stock with lumber cants to meet the clients wood pallet
  • New wood pallets are more reliable than a recycled pallet which often has a life span before your use that is
  • When your production line increases, or a new product is added you are able to adjust your pallet needs/designs
  • With a decrease in product loss/damage due to failed recycled pallets your company could potentially see cost
  • As a new pallet user, you have more control of the pallets that are being brought into your warehouse and used for your shipping


If you are interested in transitioning your products to a new pallet design, please reach out to us!

We are eager and ready to sit down with your team and design the perfect pallet to fit your product needs. We used certified Pallet Design System software to ensure the new wood pallet is exactly what you need to keep your product moving efficiently and your staff and facility safe from failed recycled pallets.