Client Problem

The homeowner wanted to update the kitchen without replacing all the cabinetry. They also did not want to replace everything in the kitchen, so working with existing offerings while tying in new ideas, styles and colors were key to pulling it off within a reasonable budget.

Our Solution

We worked together with Crepe Myrtle Designs on this kitchen refresh. The outdated curved style cabinet doors on the upper cabinets gave way to a brand-new look and feel. We matched the profile of the bottom doors, and the new upper doors were built to match the existing lower door profile. We also installed faux panels above the cabinetry on the drywall bulkhead to simulate full height cabinetry. Through our kitchen redesign, we created a cohesive feel throughout the entire kitchen, which is just what our clients wanted.

To add more positive change to their kitchen space, the homeowner also wanted to remodel their small kitchen desk area into a wine bar.  We provided and installed a brand-new cabinet that matched the rest of the kitchen door profile. It turned out to be incredible and looked like it had never been anything other than a wine bar!

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