Timber Industries was involved in renovating and modifying Sierra Clubs existing corporate office into a newly designed and completely refreshed space.  The renovation included all new millwork and countertops in the following areas, kitchen, coffee station, copy station, and workroom elevation.  Timber Industries provided and installed plastic laminate tops in multiple telephone rooms, including additional solid surface tops in gender neutral bathrooms.  In keeping with a sustainable environment Timber Industries salvaged existing cabinetry from multiple locations.  This cabinetry was modified and relocated to existing elevations where cabinetry dimensions were changed due to new wall placement.  The main feature walls were treated to a reclaimed wood veneer, and custom profile wood base was furnished and installed at multiple locations on site.

Timber Industries furnished and installed all the millwork, reclaimed wood, custom profile wood base, plastic laminate and custom solid surface / quartz tops for the project. 

How did Timber Industries help the General Contractor?

This project had very specific deadlines, Timber Industries utilized project planning and proactive communication to ensure all mile stone dates were met on time.

The project included a significant number of materials that are now experiencing very long and uncertain lead times.  Timber Industries mitigated most of the delays by being proactive and securing materials ahead of schedule.